Recently built double rooms with a full range of amenities. These guestrooms are ideal for those who want to avoid the chore of cooking and prefer to enjoy their meals in our restaurant à la carte or our buffet breakfast service.

Breakfast buffet

Start the day the right way! Every morning a sumptuous buffet awaits you in our sunny breakfast room.

Our sumptuous breakfast buffet has become a meeting place where you can organise your day’s activities. It even brings a smile to those who got out of bed on the wrong side!

We accompany your first hours of the day with the heady aroma of coffee and the fragrance of hot rolls, freshly-baked pastries and savoury delights.

Breakfast buffet from 8.00 am until 10.00 am

  1. Speciality breads and wholemeal products
  2. Sandwich loaf with available oven
  3. Lots of jams and honey, also organic
  4. Chocolate cream
  5. Sweet croissants and biscuits
  6. Cakes homemade
  7. Milk, butter and margarine
  8. Natural and fruit yoghurts
  9. Müsli corner with various cornflakes, dried fruit
  10. Organic müsli
  11. Fresh fruit or fruit in syrup
  1. Fresh fruit salad or fruit salad in syrup
  2. Various fresh fruit juices (not concentrated)
  3. Hams and cold cuts, also local products
  4. Different types of local cheese
  5. Eggs cooked in various ways, such as scrambled or soft-boiled eggs
  6. Cream for coffee
  7. Gluten-free breakfast foods for celiac (on request)
  8. Coffee, chocolate, milk and a range of teas
  9. Natural or mineral water

Beverages not present on the breakfast buffet are to be paid extra.